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Digital Music Company

Case Study

New Music Streaming App Uses Marin Social to Wow Mobile Music Lovers

  • 62% below goal CPA
  • 50% decrease in time spent managing campaigns
  • 15K+ new premium subscriptions
  • Promoting Premium Memberships to a Mobile App Experience

    Headquartered in France, the company's mission is to help people find and enjoy the music they love. The music streaming service wanted to increase downloads of their mobile application, particularly among those most likely to pay for a premium membership. The goal was to expand winning strategies to new global markets while delivering on competitive acquisition metrics.

  • Fine-Tuning Performance with Marin Social

    Implemented a series of mobile app install ads promoting a three-month “Summer Offer,” enticing folks to upgrade to a premium membership.

    • The team optimized campaigns on a post-install event of “New Subscriptions” through an integration with Adjust, one of Marin’s many 3rd party measurement partners.
    • Marin’s team of Facebook advertising experts provided performance recommendations and campaign management services.
    • Using Marin’s Bulk Creator tool, the company A/B tested many iterations of creative, and achieved performance insights into video versus static images.
  • The Results—Music to Our Ears

    In just two months, they met the goal of new premium subscriptions well below historical CPA thresholds. Initial launch comprised of just three markets, and then expanded to three more after such strong performance.

    • 62% below goal CPA
    • 50% decrease in time spent managing campaigns
    • 15K+ new premium subscriptions