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The Power of Second-Party Data: Partner with Trusted Sources to Discover New and Valuable Audiences

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The Power of Second-Party Data: How to Partner with Trusted Sources to Discover New and Valuable Audiences

First- and third-party data are tried and true sources for digital advertisers. Second-party data – the data shared through a direct partner relationship – presents a new opportunity. Forging the right partnerships – and making the most of your partner’s unique and valuable audiences – can boost engagement, provide important data insights, build brand awareness, and positively impact your bottom line. In The Power of Second-Party Data you will learn how to discover and optimize this powerful data set from trusted partnerships to increase your market share. Download your copy to learn:
  • The 3 types of data – first, second, and third – and the unique strengths of each
  • The best ways to obtain second-party data – from identifying potential sources to targeting common cookie pools
  • The unique benefits of using second party data to expand audience reach
  • How second party data will affect your KPIs (such as CPM and CTR)
  • The role of privacy and how to address concerns before they’re raised
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